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Who is "D1" Dave?

The Birth of “D1 Dave”

Any young athlete that aspires to be a professional like their favorite superstar must first deem themselves worthy of an athletic scholarship at a top program. In America, these top programs are at featured the Division I (D1) colleges and universities. As the “best of the best” schools, they are heavily funded and able to recruit the best talent in the nation, offer world-class facilities, and top-notch exposure.

In high school, I aspired to be a D1 Football Player, though, only about 2 percent of high school athletes earn sports scholarships every year at NCAA colleges and universities. With the odds not being in my favor, my high school teammates often teased me about my athletic aspirations and said that “I would never go D1". This meany that I would never play at that high level. An older teammate jokingly called me “D1 Dave” to publicly mock me. 

My peers were correct. I never did become a Division I athlete. However, I often thought about what it truly means to be “D1”; the “Best of the Best” or “Top Notch”. I always knew that I wanted to live a “Top Notch Lifestyle” and be the “Best of the Best” in whatever life challenged me with.

Thus, I reinvented the meaning behind the name “D1 Dave” and began pursuing my BEST lifestyle.

Today, I am a champion in my profession, earned my masters degree while working a full-time job immediately after undergrad, and created my own world tour “see #D1WorldTour on Instagram & Twitter”. This hashtag tracks my international travels to 29 countries (& counting) over the past 3 years in the making.

I am greater than the world’s adversity that faces me.
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